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Designing your business

This isn’t a post about writing a business plan with market analysis, financial projections and other such fiction. It’s a post about creating a business that you, or more specifically I, want to work in. I’ve just been listening to episode 100 of Bootstrapped with Kids and part of the episode covered the issue of who you should be following. During the conversation Brecht spoke about not following people who don’t have a business that looks like your vision.

But what is my vision?
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Installing the mysql2 gem on Windows

I recently upgraded to Ruby 2.1 via Rails Installer. After doing that I needed to install all of my gems again. Most installed correctly by mysql2 was painful. If you get stuck then these instructions might help
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The ultimate list of podcasts for bootstrappers

Are you looking for some inspiration to keep you going while you bootstrap your latest product? Below is my ultimate list of bootstrap related podcasts to keep you going during your late nights.
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54 Great Bootstrap Examples

I’ve recently started mocking up the screens for Campaign Panel using the Bootstrap framework. As I’m not a designer I started by looking for Bootstrap examples to inspire me. During that search I came across Bootsnip. Below are 54 great bootstrap examples from that site broken up by category.
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Rails SaaS Starter App

I love building SaaS products but I hate all of the time that gets wasted building the same basic infrastructure over and over and over and … Every time I build a SaaS application I have to build account/user/plan administration, multi-tenant support, permissions, payment processing, etc. Instead of continuing the cycle I’ve decided to build a SaaS starter app using Ruby on Rails that I’ll use for Campaign Panel.

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Using Twitter Bootstrap with standard Ruby on Rails form helpers

I’ve been using Rails and Bootstrap for a while now. To make them play happy I’ve previously used simple_form which made life easy. For a recent project I wanted to see how far I could get using the standard Rails form helpers. It turns out that with a little custom CSS you can get a long way.
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jQuery UI sortable

Recently I’ve been playing with a list of lists using the jQuery UI sortable component. Graphically it looks something like:
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Auto Increment in SugarCRM

Earlier today I posted about creating a DateTime Picker in SugarCRM. A second problem I had was creating an auto increment field. This turned out to be slightly more difficult than the datetime picker. Again you need to edit your vardefs.php but this time you add the following to your field.
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Date/Time Picker in SugarCRM

Recently I needed to add a date/time field to a custom SugarCRM module. Sadly the module builder doesn’t include support this and the documentation is pretty bad. Eventually I managed to solve my problem and the solution is suprisingly simple.
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Dynamic forms using Zend_Form

While most forms contain fixed fields there are occasions when you need a form to be dynamic and adjust itself based on user input. The adjustment could be as simple as altering the options in a drop down list or as complex as adding/removing fields. In this post I’m going to cover how to create a dynamic form using Zend_Form and jQuery. I’ll use the example of a registration form that prompts the user for their country and state. The requirements are pretty simple:
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